Sunday, December 07, 2008

Timex Ironman

I don’t remember how many times over the years I have changed batteries for all my watches. But something tells me that getting 3 years before a change would be a lot. My Timex Ironman lasted 7 years.

It could have lasted a year more but the batteries were weak that you couldn’t have both the LCD display and the watch light on together. Avoid pressing the light and turning on the watch’s alarms the watch looks as if it’s running on full capacity, the LCD, the numbers were really black, not faded as a waning battery would do to the display.

I had the batteries of my watch changed yesterday in Timex SM North. My choice was risking my cellphone in the dark of night to know the time or having a fully functional watch with night light.

The battery change was expensive at P150 but not that I didn’t try the inexpensive route. My officemate took a stab at it but I decided against it when he came across something uncommon at least from the watches he changed batteries by himself. So I went the route that will guarantee me that my Timex will be as it is.

7 years is a lot for batteries I feel, having had lots of watches before. If you include the date of manufacturing and the fact that absent of lights and alarm my watch was still readable, battery life could reach maybe 10 years.

I don’t know if it’s a fluke or maybe digital watches lasts this long nowadays, but if I leave out the questionable sentimental meaning, Timex (or at least the model I have) is a very dependable watch to have.

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