Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quantum of Solace

The first thing that came to mind was bad cinematography or bad editing. There was just something unappealing to it, I don’t know how to describe it; maybe in the framing, the pace or choice of shots.Something’s just off.

For the fans who are not up to date it may be necessary somewhat to refresh from the preceding movie just to be in sync with James Bond’s (Daniel Craig) state of mind.Quantum of Solace started off in a sprint, a car chase in fact seemingly just minutes after Casino Royale.Remember the man that he shot ending Casino, the one supposedly in the shadows, holding the strings; for this movie there seems to be an entire organization in the shadows, and its name is Quantum.

Agent 007 goes after Quantum in an obsessive fury throughout exotic locales the franchise is well known for.It was revenge in a way for having known Vesper (Eva Green) in Casion Royale.

On that note I find that the obsession part is somewhat underdeveloped with characters like Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini) and M (Judi Dench) often the ones to reminding Bond to forgive and move on.There was little sign from the man himself that he was tied to the past; little sign that he was looking except when he was reminded that he was. Bond seems quite happy when in the company of Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton) or Camille (Olga Kurylenko).

Mathieu Amalric stars as villain Dominic Greene, one of the top players in Quantum.With the accent, the wardrobe, and the parties he gave off a classy aura.I wonder if there ever was a villain in this franchise who was unshaven, lived in the mountains, and never went to the top hotels and grand parties.Compared to the villain in Casino Royale Le Chiffre, Greene comes off as less threatening which I guess could be good if you’re a villain.

The organization Greene belongs to, Quantum is underdeveloped which is reasonable considering filmmakers need to focus on just one mission.The closest the film got to it (besides Greene of course) was in the opera scene where Bond uncovered three members all influential internationally.After that no contact.

Action wise I’d say one review I read was accurate, Bond is close to becoming Bourne.After reading the movie’s IMDB page I think I may have found why: the second unit director, David Bradley, did some work in Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum.The scenes were great I must admit but for the purposes of establishing an identity perhaps the leaders of the James Bond franchise should rethink in going the Bourne way.Perhaps they should highlight the classy part a bit more because I can think of no other spy in the genre with more extravagant tastes than James Bond.

Quantum of Solace has an environmental theme to it.Sadly, there is just something about a secret terrorist organization and making profit because of the environment that just doesn’t mix.The story, the premise is quite sound to be honest but it just removed the terror factor out of Quantum, which I have said was underdeveloped.

Finally, I don’t think there is finality.Daniel Craig’s stint as Bond may have a storyline more connected that in previous incarnations.Unfortunately I have not seen much of James Bond in past movies to be sure but suffice to say the mission does not seem over.

I don’t know if the fans of Bond’s past will ever like Craig’s stint as 007 especially Quantum of Solace which I agree was a let down. But I am completely in favor of many of the changes made in this present James Bond so I am optimistic that for the next 007 will have regained lost ground.