Sunday, December 21, 2008

Erap for 2010?

Erap’s logic escapes me in his recent statement implying a run for the presidency, again, this time in 2010. The candidacy, the former president said, hinges on the ability or inability of the opposition candidates to unite. He will declare in late 2009 if the opposition remains disunited and go forth with his magic solution of having his name again in the ballot for presidency.

It is entirely possible that the former president and actor did not do well in math during his school days. In fractions, the larger the denominator does not mean a larger piece, so how can his running be a solution when all other presidential hopefuls remain on the table.

If he has any shred of ability and clout worthy of being president then he should first try to mediate and settle disputes between opposition parties. He should show the ability to build a coalition now before winning again the presidential seat he seems confident of winning.

Erap’s inability at this point to lead or show any real solutions betray the lack of lessons learned from his downfall. His threat to announce his candidacy still shows the man who lost the presidency: I am popular therefore I can lead; I am powerful therefore I can do whatever I want.

Erap still has some sway with the people but allies should beware that he has not one shred of ability to rule. He lost the presidency in spite of having the greatest mandate in recent memory. He had great minds at his command, the entire resource of government and he was deposed under a cloud of scandal.

If he wants to get back at the usurper which I am sure he perceives President Arroyo to be then he should accept his limits and make the most of it. At best he could be a kingmaker make every sleazy deal as politicians have been known to do to make a coalition. But the presidency please not again.

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