Sunday, May 14, 2017

UP Diliman - The Best Place to Jog in Quezon CIty

In jogging, what I love is a straight line where I would know my endurance based on how much between points A and B I am able to finish at a jogging pace. Was it 100 percent or 50 or 25 of A to B? Sure, a treadmill may have a distance reading but it doesn't beat the fact the you're actually moving.

Based on that qualification nothing beats, in Quezon City at least, UP Diliman as a jogging venue.

Jogging UP Diliman
UP Diliman Osmeña Ave. Sunday, around 6:30 am. It may not be obvious but
as far as the eye can see there are joggers

Problem is I have to commute there so I don’t jog there as much as I would like. I make do with the points A and B in the small confines of my village for most days of the week. When I have company I would go there on the weekends – usually a Saturday. The management of the University accommodates joggers on the weekends and adjusts traffic accordingly.

What they call the Academic Oval is has Roxas Ave. and Osmeña avenue on its two sides, and at its farthest points – end to end – it is 1.1 km. in length. So a full rotation would give you around 2.2 km (per google map measurements). Do two and half rotation that’s already 5 kilometers. 

On a Saturday half the lane of Roxas and Osmeña is allotted for joggers. It is relatively safe just be mindful of the right lane as there will be jeeps and cars passing by, bringing in both students and joggers alike.

The best time for UP Diliman is on a Sunday when Roxas and Osmeña are closed to vehicles. Joggers still go there by car but on a Sunday they are parked in the outskirts of the Academic Oval, unlike on a Saturday some park in front of Palma Hall. Although not as many as the joggers, you’d still have to be mindful of bikes. Just keep left.

I wish I had more opportunities going out of my way for just this perfect place to jog like I did this morning, a Mother’s Day. Except for today, I never get company on a Sunday. 

Today I have enjoyed 2 kilometers full of trees to mitigate the effects of the sun. 2 kilometers that is relatively flat; I’m not looking for a challenge running up hill nor willing to face the dangers running down. Clean air; the sight of people jogging; no cars.

I don’t have this at home. At my village a car or most often a tricycle comes from behind; needless to say the exhaust pipe is a killer especially when you’re exerting and panting. UP Diliman on a Sunday, devoid of cars, is paradise. 

When we finished our jog we bought refreshments at a store at the corner of Roces St. and Roxas Ave. I got myself a Gatorade and a banana; bought a small Minute Maid Orange for my friend for a total of P65. And from there we walked all the way to Philcoa for a proper breakfast at McDonald’s; this was around 7 am.

Other options to eat are JP Laurel but the thing is I don’t know what time those eateries there open. Or if they open when there are no classes – a dead period in the school calendar. 

The safest bet here are the fastfoods of Philcoa or of Katipunan if you jogged early. If you jogged sometime in the afternoon then Maginhawa is also nearby.

I'm always hungry after a run unfortunately.

Some videos of jogging/biking around UP Diliman

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