Monday, May 08, 2017

I pay to Globe and get a Bayantel Receipt

I am going to add on to what Mark Madron of the Filipino Scribe says in his original post Open Letter to Globe and Bayantel

Mark's experience and mine are similar in that we never received the billing before the suspension of our line. No billing. No final notice.

I never tried UP Ayala Technohub, my choice was always to pay at the Globe center in Trinoma. Since I'm already going out of my way I thought to make my payments in a Mall. I just walk in there, account number committed to memory, and ask what I owe for the month and pay.

I have never spent a crazy 2 hours. So far my experiences have been near the 30 min mark. Not that I used my stopwatch on myself while in queue but an hour wait would have been memorable enough for me. Either that or I was just amused by the Netflix ads in the store, but definitely never reached 2 hours.

Payment Centers

There's no Globe in the receipt that the cashier gives to me in the center. It is still Bayantel. A curious detail since the account number I give out to the Cashier for my payments is already a Globe one.

Trinoma is indicated as one of the payment centers for Bayantel via a March 2016 post at the Globe website. I asked SM Manila if they'll accept payment just in case the list isn't updated but the staff pointed me to a Bayad Center.

Just this April I was about to pay in Trinoma and the staff said they were offline. It's a good thing SM North's center was open. Located in Annex the Globe center it was bigger and the lines are longer presumably the offline Trinoma may have also contributed to it.

It bothers me that I am still paying to Bayantel in a Globe store when I could be paying at my usual.

I am still experiencing two different companies as far as billing is concerned: separate receipts and the link-up (offline for Bayantel payment). Could it be that some part of Bayantel is running that for some reason (and I am not an accountant) it requires separate books (any other reason for separate receipts you can think of, I am only guessing). 

If that's the case it would have been better to retain the billing department and or the payment centers. Doing so would mean lines won't be funneled into fewer collection points and the bill would come on time.