Saturday, December 20, 2008

24: The Redemption

24: The Redemption is a transition piece that should act as a bridge for season 6 and season 7.

Unfortunately the fact that it was shown in the same real time narrative as the series removed all chance of this piece being a stand alone film. Two hours in real time is just too short to establish deep plots and great action.

For these two hours Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) does a Kenshin Himura with his self imposed exile around the world hoping to find peace when home could not. In this Jack lives in Africa with a friend from the Special Forces days Carl Benton (Robert Carlyle). And to continue the Samurai X comparison, Benton lives his life running some sort of an orphanage like what happened to Kenshin once in an episode where he helped a samurai turned school teacher.

Beyond Samurai X, the rest of the film is basically like Tears of the Sun; helping the young boys escape armed militias.

So what part of 24 needs to have a smooth transition between seasons? Your guess is certainly as good as mine. The fact that I don’t have an answer could mean the story line is just too cryptic or like season 6 it just sucks.

In Redemption, Jack Bauer had a subpoena chasing him all over the world mainly about torture. Considering the number of times he did commit torture the timing of having inquiries into his methods is odd.

Jon Voight is Jonas Hodges the top villain in The Redemption. Could he be Tony Almeida’s boss? (For those who do not know Season 7 trailers has Tony as a Villain now) Jonas Hodges was shown communicating with the Secret Service detail of the new president. It suggests that he is powerful most probably in the cabinet; high enough to be top villain in a 24 series. But if he was revealed now then how high of a villain can Jon Voight really be in season 7?

So many questions and no answers, in the end what we have is basically just a two hour teaser.

Maybe the most annoying thing of all is that season 7 starts January in the States. Redemption sucked with the copycat thing with Samurai X and Tears of the Sun but it still worked because I am teased. I just have to wait months being not in the States.