Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What's with that Home Invasion in Cobra Kai?

The ending that shouldn't be, a truce, because Sam was approaching.

A bullying story requires flying under the radar of all adults – they should not have any reason to fully intervene. That is so we get the satisfying resolution of the bullied gaining confidence, learning to stand up for himself which then leads to gaining everyone's respect. 

If adults were in the thick of these kinds of stories then all they will do is file complaints, maybe police, and lawsuits. And yes it could get worse that lawsuits. 

For the past 2 seasons, I thought Cobra Kai was a believable next chapter of the two former high school Karate rivals in Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). It is conceivable that Johnny never got over his defeat to Daniel, despite the years. Likewise, Daniel drunk with success from that match with Johnny needs to be taken down a peg. 

Rejects of Cobra Kai under Kreese, aka Eagle Fang, and Miyagi-Do
discuss how to work together

The opening salvo. What injuries can you get 
being thrown through a window?

Season 3 is too much of a stretch. There was noticeable increase in karate scenes which I’d call it over reliance, a sign that the writers have nothing substantial to say. But ok. I concede, begrudgingly, that there’s nothing wrong giving the fans the type of action that made the show popular. 

However, that final battle between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do in the Larusso home is outrageous. It breaks the requirement that adults not be given reason to intervene in full.

Rival dojos are all in the Larusso home. Season 3's royal rumble.

Usually in other movies that battle scene will be preceded by ‘let’s meet outside’ or whatever the place of duel can be among teenagers. That main battle scene between rival karate gangs is a home invasion at Daniel Larusso’s home.  

Remember this is the rich and successful Daniel Larusso who has a thriving car business. That should have meant a certain level of security standards such as CCTV cameras on their property. He has two children, one of which is the daughter who has been attacked by Cobra Kai at school and now attacked in their own home. In their own home! 

Cobra Kai was destroying property and aiming to maim,
and the season ends in truce?

And the reaction of the homeowner and father was to agree to an “honorable” match at the All Valley for season 4? There are quotation marks because John Kreese (Martin Kove) is not expected to play clean. C'mon, were still stretching this?

No one whose home is violated will just call truce because at the very least it is an escalation. It's a line in the sand. If anyone dares to get you at home they can do anything hence the immediate need for retaliation. 

Besides, what's the plot of season 3 for when the Larussos were trying to get legal and not so legal means to get rid of Kreese? Sam has been attacked twice by the same people, legally that has to count. Even if there was no CCTV in the house Hawk has turned and he can be a witness. 

Sam fared better than last year's rumble, but that shouldn't be enough.

It stretches credulity that when Cobra Kai became legally on the hook, the Larussos just ignore it. Even if Kreese cannot be proven to have planned the attack, he would only have been left with Robby while the rest of his students will head to juvie. 

C'mon, I couldn't get this for an ending that leads him to a coma or jail?

Without the home invasion maybe the season could have worked. In a way the over reliance on the karate scenes hastened the end of the show’s shelf life. Showrunners say the series won’t end with season 4 but if this kind of writing keeps up, I believe it should.

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