Saturday, January 16, 2021

No standby Stocks for Repair - Timex Marathon

It's a good thing I didn't give in to retail therapy this era of covid-19 lockdowns, at least in terms of watches or shoes. I have heard of shoes breaking for lack of use, so every time I go out I would make sure every shoe gets a chance. 

In retail therapy that would mean purposely avoiding shoes since it is hard to schedule the ones I already have. For the same reason, I didn't buy watches online because I seldom go out. 

I didn't expect this Timex Marathon strap to break though. When I go out I usually wear my Timex Ironman because it has been with me a while, including the rough conditions. Going out feels like an emergency so I don't normally get my nicer pieces out.

If you look at the strap of your watch, typically your bracelet is in the middle and it has spring bars that will lock it on to the lugs. When you get your strap replaced, usually the technician will measure the width between the lugs to see what fits.

Only now did I take a deep look and realize that my newer generation Timex doesn't fit this description. It has a bracelet that looks like it's one with the bezel. No lug that I can see.

I went around the SM nearest to the office and took a quick scan of the generic watch bracelet (straps) shops, and as expected they are of the generic design. The next and obvious step is to go the stores that really sells Timex. In SM Manila that would be Watch Republic and the Department Store. No such bracelet was on stock. By some coincidence the office driver had errands near SM North so I checked that mall's Timex store, and unfortunately they don't have stock as well.

If the SM North Timex branch has no stock I have not choice but to order, which would take months. I was not asked for money down, just a claim stub to use or follow-up if a stock was available.

Breaking things is no problem if you have spare parts lying around. Timex by design looks like it wants to corner the bracelet market for its watches. My Ironman doesn't have a Timex strap. Maybe its just the pandemic but why isn't there large amounts of spare straps available? 

I like my Marathon, sad that I can only look at it for months. And another thing, in less than a month I have no idea where my stub is. 

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