Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Last Jedi - teaser

What can be deduced from the trailer and much publicized by articles, bloggers, and snippets months before is that not much time has passed since The Force Awakens.

Rey is seen in the middle of training; long shot of a lightsaber practice; off-screen shot of her getting in touch with the force. There’s a shot of Fin still in a coma I assume. And Kylo Ren looks determined with his new saber.

A shot of R2D2 and what looks like a hooded Luke Skywalker is a flashback. It makes sense that Luke has to explain his side regarding the day the Kylo Ren fell into the Dark Side. The battle scenes are without context so it doesn’t mean much to me.

The most glaring detail from the newly released teaser is the very last line said by Luke Skywalker under silhouette.

"It is time for the Jedi to end"

It is an interesting way to go. Luke is either tired of the war or wars – if we look back into the prequels – or he’s going into some sort of self pity, blaming all the galaxy’s troubles on his family.  Since the prequels a Skywalker has tipped the scales of Light and Dark, with many dead at its wake. Without a Jedi the balance of power across the galaxy could even out. The line of thinking is logical considering the stresses that Luke has endured.

But there is the story and there is the business.  The direction the story is going is very interesting but can Lucasfilm really kill off the Jedi? Kill off the chances of an Episode 10, 11, 12? Shut down all the possibilities of Jedi toys?

As much as I love Star Wars, I certainly hope so. Dancing with Ewoks with the Victory Theme in the background was such a perfect ending only to find out my heroes didn’t advance much over the years. Han is dead by his own son; Luke having trained Han's very killer; and Leia still out in the frontlines. Sadly there are business considerations to these stories.

There is also the other possibility, that the teaser is a misdirect. I once thought Fin was the Jedi.

December is 8 months away.

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