Friday, April 28, 2017

Battery Indicator Wanted - Electric Clippers

I use this on my head for some time now. Looking at the manual I am not even sure if it is even meant for the head just the mustache but hey it is still working for maybe 5 years now. There's not much difference between the stubble on my head and mustache anyway.

peek at the local beach

When it was new, the charge would be good for many sessions but now it is less. It's not chronic but I do worry about the battery every time in the past year. Would I be able to finish my hair that session? I've been late thrice because I misjudged the battery and I had to wait for it to charge.  Last was yesterday morning but good thing it was a holiday. It can't work plugged in.

Maybe a battery indicator would help, just so I can charge first before attempting to do my hair or have an estimate as to how much drain over time, and over sessions on my head.

When will it finally die out and would I be doing my own hair that day? Would I end up like this guy?  Not sure where the barber is in the neighborhood.