Friday, January 27, 2017

The Kryptonite Spear

The two reasons I hated Batman vs Superman are called Justice League: Doom and Dark Knight Returns.

Justice League: Doom is about Batman’s contingency plans landing in the wrong hands and used by the enemy against the Justice League. Against Superman, all that was required was a distraction and then a kryptonite bullet. 

Because even when Superman sees gun, the first instinct was always he is bulletproof. This scenario was already played out in Smallville.

Batman and Superman are both old men in Dark Knight Returns, notwithstanding that the Krytonian ages gracefully. After all they have been through Batman would have never killed Superman.  Case in point he actually faked his own death after reaching the brink of victory. Besides being an old friend, Batman is practical enough to know Superman’s strength is useful to have around.

The two have not met in Batman vs Superman. No previous relationship exists that would hold each other back.  Of course Superman has his code, almost a god, he’s always holding back. But Bruce Wayne was wound up from the very start after losing a building of employees during the fight between Superman and General Zod. The Dark Knight, who sustained losses fighting the streets of Gotham, was set to kill. 

Yet, for some reason this man who has successfully stalked the streets alone with all his gadgets set aside efficiency and made a medieval weapon with his kryptonite: a spear.  He’s a knight after all. Maybe chivalry that urged him to make a hand held weapon; make his kill up close and personal?  A spear can be thrown some have pointed.  But then once you’ve reach this point of projectile weapons then we go back to kryptonite bullets. 

Why did they fight?  Why couldn't anyone of them finish it as fast as their characters would allow?  The biggest mistake Batman vs Superman was not shouting Martha and stopping because of it, it was that spear.