Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sherlock (S4) (2017)

All the scenes above are from season 4 which has become more graphic in its filming of thought than in previous seasons. Visuals coupled with humor are what set BBCs Sherlock over most procedural dramas.

Can you imagine Sherlock Holmes just talking?  And Sherlock talks about all his observations including day to day ones not included in story’s main case. CSI would have its tools to add to the flash the facts they have collected.  Molly Hooper, friend and occasional lab help, was never that flashy.  All talk would then the modern version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation would blend along with the rest.  

Filming thought makes the deductive process more inclusive. I see what Sherlock sees and not just a detective walking around a crime scene.  And yes it is very creative film making.  My eyes are always excited.

What I like most about Sherlock is its levity.  Something about the British makes their humor feel classier, or maybe it’s just the accent. Each episode has a perfect beat with the proper frequency of highs and lows; humor and tension; to get through an hour and half episode without feeling like it’s a chore.

The season opened with Mycroft Holmes already in the mid-stride of seriousness, suddenly stopped and shouted: “are you tweeting?!?”  Oh yeah he’s back – I thought it my head, with smile. It reminded me how different this version was with Elementary.

I shall miss stereotypical stuck-up Englishman, Mycroft, as much as the rest. Sherlock ends after 4 seasons; 5 if you count the Abominable Bride.  In this its goodbye season the episodes have invoked, in one form or another, the spirit of family. 

No stronger bond exists in life.  Family can make you change, elicit the biggest sacrifice.  Breaking the bond is to feel unequaled pain. But since it may be the only thing worthwhile in this world, be it by blood or by shared experiences, family always coming back. 

I could explain further but if you have watched the show (or any countless others on film) you may have acquired the knack to piece together a sufficient picture. Suffice to say the emotional goals of this goodbye season were achieved as brilliantly as its visuals.  

Sherlock is family.  

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