Monday, January 02, 2017

Silly 2016

You don’t know how silly you have looked at 2016 until you’ve seen this trailer produced by Friend Dog Studios.

The trailer is modeled like a slasher/horror movies.  Cuts or timing was right for the genre; the music elicited dread; composition had a dark feel to it; and the general feel of the story was ‘what the hell is happening?’ and ‘who’s next?’

But what’s missing? 

2016 speaking in narration asked ‘you wanna know who died today?’  The leading female said it’s weird around their new place without actually saying why.  When the killer speaks usually what follows after that is a dead body. There is none. And she says its weird.

You have to feel the silliness when one of the male leads report the shooting of a gorilla.  Silly because why should they dwell on it with even a modicum of dread since they’re not gorillas. Remember the perspective is from the point of view of a slasher movie which requires clear, present, and maybe immediate danger.

Then there was a scene full of clippings of recently dead celebrities. ‘What’s the pattern?’ says one; ‘there is no pattern!’ the woman shouts right back.  None of those celebrities are in the neighborhood much less the social class of the leading characters.  Why then study for patterns?

In fact nearly all of the “danger” that scared the wits out of the leads were read from their mobile phones; dictated by social media although it did not say. Are all our sense of reality dictated by social media?  Can you ask yourself why 2016 is so bad without logging on?

There was one scene were someone with a Trump masked was breaking through what seems like a closet door but it cut after that.  That may be the wrinkle in making my point but for the trailer 2016 is the villain ultimately and Trump merely one of the effects. 

I had a bad year myself but not because Princess Leia died but admittedly I was no less unplugged.  To solve my slump I would need to get out more.  The leads should have gotten out more then maybe would have voted.  

They should have gotten off the grid and see 2016 for what it is in the real world.

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