Saturday, October 15, 2005


My stint in government is now going into two weeks. In those two weeks, except for following up on clearances and related papers, I always stayed in my office. I don't go out much because Personnel has yet to give me any kind of ID. It is Malacañang after all. With the high alert status of Philippine Praetorian Guards, I haven't lost the paranoia that they will shoot anyone without an ID for just moving around the compound.

On October 12 I attended a seminar within the Mabini Hall. It was attended by a number of representatives from the Regional Offices of the Department of Budget and Management. In the morning I made sure I came in together with the participants from other regions to save me from scrutiny by the building guards. I didn't want to leave my school ID, which is the only ID that I have up to now.

Attending the seminar reinforced an feeling I've had since being hired, people in government look alike. That feeling is more evident with women who are over 40 or 50 years old. I can't explain it but if you look at them you get the feeling that they look alike.

My only wish now is that I won't look like a woman when I reach my 50th birthday. =)