Saturday, November 12, 2005

Privacy of Your Thoughts

Separately, I had a discussion with my friend and my cousin regarding weblogs. Since blogs are basically diaries, both expressed their hesitation of making a blog of their own. 

Diaries are supposed to be a record of your private thoughts. My cousin even asked if blogs had passwords that will enable you to isolate your blog from the entire Internet. I answered that I wasn't sure if such a feature exists, so essentially your thoughts are for everyone to read or comment on.

My discussion on weblogs went further with my friend. I told him that because you are writing your thoughts down implies a desire to be read, even if you are the only one who will do all the reading. When you write you make a record, and records are somethings you or anybody can see again.

So guys, if you desire to keep your thoughts private, remember this rule whether it be weblogs or a cheap notebook under your pillow: do not write what you don't want the world to see.