Friday, October 07, 2005

Bad Response to Hurricane Katrina

There is plenty of blame to go around regarding the disaster in New Orleans. However, most of the blame should go to FEMA , its former Chief Michael Brown, and eventually the White House.

September 11 and America's subsequent war on terrorism should have made the emergency response better and faster. A worst case scenario in a terrorist attack would involve nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons- a.k.a Weapons of Mass Destruction. America has trained for it. Homeland security is all about preventing and responding to a WMD strike.

Where were they in New Orleans? There is no difference in a WMD strike or natural disaster. Both would cause massive loss of life and property; a system should have been in place. Ask yourself this, can Michael Brown, Bush, and others, blame local officials if New Orleans had been a terrorist strike? They can't; not after September 11.

Why should jurisdiction matter in times of tragedy? If State government refuse help out of foolish pride does that mean federal government will keep its hands off? Why depend on local and State governments when they bore the brunt of the storm? Its like saying to an accident victim, can you bring yourself to the hospital?
Furthermore, Michael Brown should just shut up. He should just quit pointing to others and admit his shortcomings. To say in public that he didn't know the coliseum was an evacuation center; it says incompetence to the highest degree. Everyone who watch CNN knows it. He is the head of Federal Emergency Response and he didn't keep tabs on disaster preparations. I knew about the coliseum 24-48 hours before...and I'm not even American.

Only goes to show not all is great in America.