Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dencio's - Drinking Spot Overlooking QC

Imagine the 3rd level of a building that rests on top of a hill and surrounded by a golf course and high end exclusive villages. The view afforded to you by Dencio’s Capitol Greenstreet is simply unmatched in the entire Quezon City.

Although situated in the middle of QC (City Hall is just 3 km away) Dencio’s a little out of the way. It’s not inside any villages, you don’t need sticker or any ID, but it is still out of the way from public transport. You either go in and out by private car or have a ride sharing app handy.

The effort required going in and out of Dencio’s can either make you love the place or hate it. Hate it because no one else is going to Dencio’s, not unless they want a private time to themselves. Maybe if you’re the one watching the crowd come in and out find people to meet or see, this may not be the best place compared to a bar in the lower Quezon City.

Love it because the effort to reach the place may have vetted out a big number of people, making Dencio’s Capitol Greenstreet a nice quiet place to hangout, eat, and drink. On a personal note, the effort to reach the place and my not so lucky love life make me go there only as a place to hang and drink with friends.

Since I go there for drinks only I am a mainstay of the veranda where you can have the open air, potentially uninterrupted views as compared to the air-conditioned and (most likely) non-smoking section. Open air section is the best. Best seats in the house are of course those that hug edge, giving an uninterrupted view of the golf course and village below and the horizon is Quezon City.

On a busy weekend those tables are the first to run out. But the middle tables are not as bad because it is really that open. Open enough that noise is not that loud and smoke will never go thick.

Sections of the veranda are too open in the sense that it has no roof, so on rainy days tables meant for that part are kept under storage. Point is there may be many things to consider if you want to go out on a very wet day. Spaces will be more of a premium.

The pulutan I recommend is the Sari-Saring Sinugba – a big plate of various grilled goodies which includes tuna, liempo, squid, and I think beef. Other drinking staples of sisig and various hot plate meals are also available.

I remembered some fits of boredom which I always blame on the available pulutan and or how they cook it. Sari-Saring Sinugba is great but sometimes you'd want some variety.

Considering that I am drinking I cannot explore majority of the meal side of the menu as my pulutan. I don’t think beer goes well with soup or vegetables much less rice and noodles.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the quietness of it all that’s really bothering me or that my friend and I always end up together up in there hanging and drinking. So instead what me and my friend do we schedule our stay there instead of it being formerly our one and only.

It ain't hard making Dencio's a favorite, the one and only; the view is simple unmatched in all of Quezon City. You have to try it. Otherwise the only rival I can think of in terms of an overlooking atmosphere is in Sumulong Highway, Antipolo Rizal

Or else you can just go for the coffee shops down at the first level and a Pancake House.

The bloggers who own the pictures below of Dencio's have also reviewed the place and as such will give you a view different and maybe more complete than mine. 

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