Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Can You Work with a See-Through Gadget?

Star Trek the original series and Star Trek the Next Generation had variations of a tablet.

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Tablets are a common occurrence now, so what does Hollywood do but improve on the props and special effects of the past. Now it's about transparent displays.

The Expanse has its Hand Terminals.

image from Forbes

image from Forbes

And big transparent displays

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Even Star Trek updated its displays

image from blueeyes-and-hockeysticks.tumblr.com

Tony Stark has also been transparent and not just with Bruce.

image from rebloggy.com
image from rebloggy.com
I know a lot of these props have a cinematic motive than practical use. My guess is those transparent screen's primary purpose is for the actor just to be seen even while they are working.

Keep in mind I consider the hologram a little different because they serve a purpose besides reading.

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But what if? Consider that some people have credited Star Trek with calling out the tablet years before it has been invented, will the latest incarnation of  cinematic computer displays be real one day. 

Can people really work at length on a gadget that their sight can pass through?