Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where's the Water Gonna Go?

Echage St. Manila

Beyond those buildings on the left is a creek and beyond those on the right in Pasig River.  Not in the picture at back, close to Quiapo is small passage way where the creek meets the river.   There are bodies of water all around.

Straight down the road is Gen. Solano St. where the Department of Budget and Management stands.  

Gen. Solano St. is relatively high compared to an adjacent street Nicanor Padilla.  N. Padilla, can flood up to gutter may be knee deep.

The foreground of the picture Carlos Palanca Sr. Street is under construction with one lane finished.  This small stretch of the road gets flooded under heavy rains which is probably why the finished lane shows that it is at least one foot higher than before.  The goal is to keep the roads open.

But if water avoids Palanca, where is it gonna go?

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