Sunday, July 14, 2013

Magic 76

According to survey there is a magic 76 percent who have found their calling. 

These employees as the Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development (CORD) defines it see, “work as an endeavor one engages in for the satisfaction of doing it, a lofty, nonmaterial goal or a sense of self, and feels highly energizing and fulfilling.”  

The word gets weirder with other dictionary definitions, for one Miriam-Webster defines it as “a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.” 

Then again it is not so weird, divine influence could explain the epidemic lack of a social life in employees similar to priests and nuns. Calling fits!

CORD even included a 2x2 matrix which places Calling at the upper right quadrant, definitely the best place to be.  Being in this quadrant means to enjoy the work and be intrinsically motivated.  Basically it means those who have found the calling are happy just for the work just for the work itself and statistically they supposedly compose 76 percent of the Department.

76.  The Secretary was even all smiles stating the number that was before he plunged the employees into another mountain load of reform initiatives.  How many new initiatives is it now after 3 years?

Two of the lowest ranked statements which fell under those themes are one; ‘The benefits we receive are as good as most agencies’ and two; ‘There are enough people to do the work in the office’.   Central tendency bias and paranoia of monitored internet channels was not enough to give those statements a mean rating of 3.  

How many answered 2 or 1, with 1 signifying strong disagreement to those statements?  How many is enough to pull down the mean from rating of 3?

Employees feel strongly overtaxed with work.  They feel maybe just as strongly that other agencies take better care of their employees.  Surprisingly the survey may have just validated the exodus which has happening for a long time.  

For all the survey's obsession with meaning of work it did show two sides, albeit one side doesn't have a sexy number like 76.  DBM employees love the work but hate the office.  It seems to say that.   Then there is, DBM employees love the work but Management treats them like shit.   

The four themes together speaks to the Department’s ability to take care of itself and who’s shoulder’s is that gonna fall on, definitely not the rank and file.  Thus being a management issue makes it an issue I cannot answer.

Then, the word insane comes to mind; love the work and hate the office are two extremes.  How can one love the work and still think their own office has let them down can still be considered sane?

But maybe insanity is not the question, but more of DBM’s own reason for being. Posted on the DBM website is a Mission: The Department of Budget and Management shall lead public expenditure management to ensure the equitable, prudent, transparent and accountable allocation and use of public funds to improve the quality of life of each and every Filipino.

Quality of life.  Can any employee or management give that to Filipinos when by their very declaration they are not having or giving the same?  Can employees whip other agencies into shape when they cannot improve their own?

76 percent is a cute number but nothing will come of it.  A personal choice cannot be duplicated.

Employees who have left.  Employees who are constantly looking out, wondering when or how to jump ship.  Employees who have accepted the inevitable and have reduced to saying yes all the time.  They have no number but can the 76 percent stop them?

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