Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fish at LRT Central

"Manang pabili ng buntot!"
"Manang pabili ng buntot!"

Compare the fork of Mr. Art (middle) to the serving...its really generous; guaranteed to give a fulfilling lunch.Compare the fork of Mr. Art (middle) to the serving...its really generous; guaranteed to give a fulfilling lunch.

Fulfilling indeed!

In my younger days I never would have thought I would be eating fish with regularity as I am doing now. What a difference reaching 30 makes.

Here am I with the guys in the office at one of our favorite lunch spots at LRT central station. There are many eateries at the Central Station, this one fronts a fire station; the last in a row, the one closest to Park and Ride.

We go here - maybe three times a week - only for its fish and nothing else though the place has a decent variety of meals. Going here for pork and beef meals would not be worth the effort because we have many of those closer to the office.

Today’s fish, according to my officemate, is a pompano, and it is cooked as always in Sinigang style. We get the tail almost always depending on availability. Middle parts are second choice but we try to avoid it because of the holes which give you less meat. Don’t worry being typical Filipinos no part goes to waste; the place also serves fish head if you so choose it.

The place never serves popular breads like bangus or tilapia. It’s always the large kind which makes for a full filling meal. There are even times when I feel that although I was served a cut just the same as I had before but it feels like it has more meat.

A fish tail plus rice would go to about P50, a good price. It is fresh, it is tasty, and it has hot soup – which you can ask for extras.

The only imaginable drawback in this spot and that food is that we always end up sweaty after eating maybe it’s because of the soup or the condiments (toyo, calamansi, and sili). Keep your hanky or towel in handy if you try this place because you'll get all sweaty.

Anyways, all things considered this spot, this food, and with good company makes for a truly enjoyable lunch.