Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Official Site

A friend of mine once asked what is my official site. Depends on my purpose I said. I have an account in Friendster, MySpace, Hi5, sms.ac, Yahoo 360, and Multiply. I signed up for most of them during the time when I had no job. My job search back then relied heavily on the internet, and in between passing resumes and reading rejections, I signed up for a new site and added new friends.

The oldest of my accounts will have to be Friendster, and to answer my friend's question, this account will be the closest I’ll ever get to an official account. Most of my listed friends in there I have already shaken hands with, with the exception of two. I just them up randomly, but decided against it thinking that I should have a list of people I have seen, eyeball to eyeball. And because I know most of my Friendster friends is the very reason why I don’t use my own picture. Why tire my old friends with a face they’re so familiar with?

What I use to meet new people is my MySpace account. I would have liked to add my Friendster friends but when some of them rejected my invitations I gave up. They complained that they had no time maintaining another, but it is only now that I realized they were right. It’s hard watching over many networking sites especially if you’re busy or into blogging. Do I copy new blog entries into all accounts or do I write a new one for each? Do I need to upload the same picture over and over? Do I need to add the same friends again?

Because of redundancies I gave up on SMS.AC and Hi5. They just exist, and I do visit them once in while if only to see what is new….if any.

MySpace consumes most of my time now primarily because it is the only worthwhile networking site I can open in the office. Friendster, for some reason, has been banned.

I came across Multiply even before MySpace and signed up. That account never grew because of the popularity of Friendster. I gave up on the site and treated it like how I am treating my SMS.AC and Hi5 accounts. When my girlfriend broke-up with me I really said goodbye to Multiply because the headshot I used was the picture of us both.

A few months ago I resurrected Multiply (well the account wasn’t deleted to begin with) when Allan invited me. I covered up my headshot (you couldn’t delete back then) with my picture. Unfortunately my Multiply account cannot upload pictures because of the settings (maybe the firewall) in my office computer. I would have liked to upload some pictures like I did in Friendster and MySpace.

The need for a depository for pictures is what drove me to Yahoo 360. I discovered the site while playing with the new version of yahoo messenger. A new networking site wouldn’t hurt I thought, however, I was tired and didn’t have anything new to add to the site. That soon changed when I had out of town assignments last April.

Normally, I am not the type to keep pictures but I soon had a dozen pictures all courtesy of our office camera and an officemate who insisted I keep tokens of my trips. Not often you get free trips anywhere he said. Pictures no one sees are like stories no one has heard of, so I was face with the dilemma of where to put it, and more important, who to share it with.

I did the rounds, uploading the pictures whenever possible on every site I have under my name. The upload time was inhuman because of the office firewall so I soon focused on just three: Friendster, MySpace, and Yahoo 360. Yahoo got all of it because of the memory space allotted for pictures (unlimited I think)
I was interested in Blog sites once, but since I am not much of a writer I didn't sign up for one. It would be sad to have an empty Blogsite.

So that’s all of it, folks. Friendster, MySpace, Multiply and Yahoo are the sights I use. None are official but all have room to grow and serve their purpose, which is to meet new friends.