Monday, April 05, 2021

Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

Evading Godzilla's blast from underwater. Why did Kong even survive this?

My impression of this universe of Godzilla and King Kong is that they are nature personified. The kaijus are the real lords of earth. Gods. 

Every time that point’s being raised there’s a sense of rubbing it in, that man is wrong over his status on the planet. Subsequently that means every motivation by a human character is about reestablishing dominance, safety from kaiju attack feels more like a side goal.

The villain kaijus exist mainly as salt on man’s wounded pride. They don’t care what they trample, eat, or destroy. As Loki said, an ant has no quarrel with a boot, so man now exists as ants destroyed because they’re merely in the way.

Godzilla and Kong, the good kaijus, is a way of saying that nature if treated with respect can be beneficial. Do them harm and they will fight back. Man, for all their technology, has no defense. 


To make these kaijus fight, the story gives them the animal desire to be the strongest – the alpha. Everything is instinct, they see each other they fight. That's the setup. Within the strictest confines of an animal kingdom theme the universe is believable because nature has a way of balancing each other out, even with giant lizards and gorillas.

That being said, my biggest problem with Godzilla vs Kong is that King Kong shows signs of human intelligence, good enough to have had a civilization. Past tense, yes. Kong picked up a technology which looks like it came from giant gorillas of long ago. 

Let's just say it is not what I would describe as caveman basic, meaning it’s beyond humanoid shaped creature making use of an elongated object as a weapon.

Look at those arches

and the floor lights

An ax is not a readily available long object albeit that which a giant gorilla can actually make use. A huge stick is instinct, an ax involves design. This one is an energy absorbing ax, which begs the question how it was made. And that ax is a key to the energy of a mysterious architecture complete with Gothic arches, pillars, lizard designed lights, and a throne located at the center of a hollow earth.

A throne in what could logically be alluded to as a palace suggests the desire to organize and rule over many. Mufasa doesn't have a palace just to point out what is thematically consistent with animal kings. I can't even venture a guess what's with the arches.



What the hell is this movie? Are they setting up talking giant gorillas living at the center of the earth? It worked in anime but we're straying way off a sensible theme if we do. Then again I can understand why the writers went here. How do you make a plot for a main character that runs on instinct? 

Human characters can't do anything, consistent with the theme they are insignificant and thus boring. They have no real way of controlling the kaijus who in turn don't care about plot. When the humans manage some kind of control because a movies needs a story, the logic is forced. Case in point.

Next to the outrageous glowing ax is the machine that transfers energy with no wires or actual delivery of the energy rich material. Instead this newly discovered power source was transferred like a file on piratebay. Suffice to say the power source is a plot device which sets up the main villain of the story.

So like piratebay, the goons upload the energy source material, a glowing rock, to a machine which analyses and breaks it down to whatever data the receiver needs to recreate it. 


Sender is located deep down in the middle of the earth without line of sight, yet she was able to send data of the energy source, like file to file transfer between smart phones, to the evil villain lair near the surface of the earth. What kind of comm signal goes through rocks? 

Receiver gets an energy signature which they used to create what they need, as if energy can be designed any raw material and not harvested from sources. What?!? Why are they not taking that rock topside? 

From Hongkong, Godzilla fires at Kong's throne room which is
deep, deep, deep underground. How???

This franchise is obviously bone dry. They’re making shit up that don’t make sense.

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