Saturday, March 04, 2017

Logan (2017)

The caption on my Instagram says, “Red everywhere…” 

When I took that shot it was still an empty brand new Gateway Cinema 5; I was amusing myself looking at the neat reddish design of the entire theater, waiting for Logan to be screened. After watching, red though this time refers to blood which by now is foremost on my mind.


Blood!  I’m not sure now if it’s in a realistic hue with every slash it drips all over. Unlike all other Wolverine appearances – solo or X-men – with every slash I can taste the animal. The blood makes it real whether it is on the hapless extra who loses a limb or on Logan himself.  What’s supposed scary about Wolverine is seeing a bloodied heap still getting up cutting a track all the way to you. The animal just keeps getting up. Sanitized in previous movies, a body neatly just keeps getting up; a CG effect on a healing wound maybe 2 seconds after is just not the same.

Also the blood makes every slash morbidly enjoyable. Every hit feels like a moment of shouting: “oooooh give it to him!”  It’s like seeing the anger corrected, avenged. The animal is what makes Wolverine so popular. Who wouldn’t want the liberty to go berserk and be able to keep standing up always in the process?

But more importantly it is the ugliness of the blood that Logan hates so much looking at the mirror. The bloody animal is what Logan hopes to change.  It is the animal is the wall that separates him from the rest and not just the lack of memory which seems to be what was bothering him in the previous X-men appearances.

The child seen in the trailer is the challenge, like in real life, that is perhaps greater than Professor X’s sometimes psychic insight and interventions and the unrequited love of Jean Grey. Sometimes in life the reflection in mirror is so you that you’d be resigned to it.  To hell with experienced advice and women who won't understand you. But the question life gives is would you allow it to happen again in a child?


I am not exactly sure if the dying out of the mutants is loyal to the comics thankfully I have not been following for years now to be bothered by it.  The goings on Marvel Universe I only hear snippets of am I am saddened by the possibility that they may be killed off because of a war with Fox Cinema. Curious that Fox would even go near this mutant dying off story line but then again their movies on the X-men never had any cohesion from the first time Hugh Jackman starred in it.

And Hugh Jackman says this will be his last. I remember having no adverse reaction to his casting but that was before the age of the internet.

At the time I imagined Jack Nicholson in wolf to be Wolverine. I don’t know now if it was him or someone else under that werewolf make up but the age, the hair, and mostly the average looking height was what attracted me to him. He wasn’t supposed to be contemporary looking though the healing factor later one was reasoned as the cause of the youthful looks.

Over the years of course Hugh Jackman won me over. He had the meanness about him; the youthfulness to make even more movies; and the physique of a superhero which is the most important because it’d be boring to see a CG of Jack Nicholson fighting. Furthermore Hugh Jackman had enough personality in him to carry lead the franchise.


Now that we’ve come to the last, it is shall we say going out with a bang. Logan is the best Wolverine performance Hugh Jackman has ever did in all of 17 years.

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