Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Floods and Traffic Lights

There are colors in the news bulletins today that I only heard of now so I had to look it up just so I don't mistake Code Red for Signal No. 3.  

One of the sources I came upon was a Twitter post by the Official Gazette of the Philippines.  The color codes refer to floods not storms, and the used colors are the same as that of a traffic light: red, yellow, and green. Red means Evacuate.

Who ever designed the system isn't drunk but he could be drinking. (Certainly a great weather for it)

The system has detail in terms of water level per color and what should be done at this level. Great. It is simplified to three colors. Great for memory.  And then comes the hick-up.

Sometimes in drinking, people stop short of eating last piece just so to avoid being accused of eating it all. (Yes, guilty as charged) Nahiya ka pa, sabi nga nila.

Federico Pascual was right in his criticism of the design that he posted on the Official Gazette's Twitter post. Nahiya pa si PAGASA placing the yellow and green at its proper place, the same place as people would see in a traffic light.  

Short, simple, with colors easy to remember. PAGASA chose the colors I assume for easier recollection hence there is more than enough reason for the agency to co-opt it all.

It works, no need to look original.  Dami mong nang nakain pulutan Igme ubusin mo na lahat! (guilty, guilty, guilty) hahaha
Pag-Asa color codes and Traffic Lights


After some consideration green may actually be too positive for a warning code. If so we can have green as all clear, we just add one color or have a different set of three colors to signify the three warning levels.

Being just 1 degree different from traffic light colors just causes  confusion.

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