Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not Innocent

Legally they may be qualified for parole. It is even never in doubt that they are not the mastermind.

But do not tell me a man can walk into a quarantined area, like an airport, where no unauthorized person can just loiter around. No one wondering why he is in there nor even attempting to question his purpose to be in the premises. And this one man can brake through number of armed men, trained guards; soldiers; till finally he can let go of ONE perfect shot at the back of the head.

It makes no sense what so ever for a soldier, a guard, a policeman; anyone on armed services especially on guard detail not to pay particular attention with dangers possibly coming from the rear.

They know. They had to know. At least the person who led the alleged assassin Rolando Galman into the airport had to make sure his own people don’t shoot him. They all knew.

No one is innocent.