Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whatever happened to the little picture?

Whatever happened to the little picture?

It’s always about the big picture.

There is no direct correlation between poverty and population. The Philippines is a Catholic country separation of church and state be damned.

But what about the little picture? The husband and wife who want to learn more of reproductive health. The citizens who want to avail of all possibilities from its government.

Whatever happened to the rights of two citizens who have all legal and moral requirements of ‘doing it’ every night and still have that assurance that another rascal won’t be in the offing after 9 months?

Whatever happened to just asking and having the right to receiving all answers and possibilities whether good or bad?

Maybe in the big picture you have numbers and statistics that anybody can twist and turn to their own perspectives. But in the little picture, needing more room, more beds, more money for food and school is beyond dispute.

So let’s not fight over the big picture but give attention to the little one; and its desire to have all choices and means to make it a beautiful one.