Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pasig Cools Down my Office

Waters in the streets usually herald the end of the hot days of summer and play time for the kids.

But not here: there are no kids as this is the front of my office, the Department of Budget and Management Building 1. And, the water you see there comes from Pasig River so play at your own peril. Furthermore, it did not rain that day at least from our area.

From the shoreline you would never guess that water is already filling the lots outlining the Pasig River because it doesn’t overflow, it seeps back (going under) through the drainage. Should drainage be able to do that? And as I pondered what went wrong, I found out that water was also present in the road leading to SM Manila.

In both cases the water was not high enough to cause major inconvenience; it was only just a momentary nuisance. If any good came out of this was that it cooled our office corridors cause when the water receded by early afternoon it was scorching hot again.

Bring on the rain!!!

Flooded Bldg 1 Entrance

The look going into my office building.

Building Entrance

The lobby guard guiding the incoming vehicle in straight for the passenger to come out dry.

Flooded Bldg 1 parking area

The back end of the parking lot and as you can see a hot sunny day.