Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am Legend

What if you had the world to yourself? Too big? Then, make it a city; let’s say New York – all its money, cars, art, buildings, weapons; everything is yours.

I can’t help opening this piece with material wealth because it stood out in the trailer; the aircraft carrier, the sports car, the laptop…

When I was in high school, I had this fantasy of being trapped in a mall and helping myself out to all the goodies. I am Legend main character, Robert Neville (Will Smith), has all the wealth of New York and is obviously feeling empty. He talks to a dog, sometimes engaging in full debates; he arranges mannequins in a video store as if they were fellow patrons; and he watches reruns of NBC news!

My two favorite shots would have to be Neville sleeping in a bath tub and the noise all around is that of a jungle; and the other is a shot of money scattered, millions of dollars worth. The message is obvious – material wealth is nothing if you’re alone. 

Issues tackled in the film; its plot; I have seen tackled numerous times in many films: last man on earth, apocalypse, meaning of money and relationships when alone. I am Legend is a cross between Cast Away and 28 Days Later. It’s not as dramatic compared to the former and not as horrifying compared to the latter. Cast Away and 28 Days Later are good films by the way like this one which I am reviewing now.

I can’t promise much of the kick-ass action or comedy Will Smith is known for because for much of the film it’s a monologue that is if you don’t count the dog barking. But somehow I loved it; Smith actually pulled it off. How many actors do you know can capture your attention for almost two hours, all by themselves?

My respect for Will Smith has certainly grown in this film as he had convinced me for the duration of the film, the enormity and the pain of being alone. It helps that the movie had good visuals and cinematography.

So with that being said, watch this film with good company: a date, a friend, a love. It’s a nice film. You may enjoy it or you may get bored, but whatever happens, it’s nice to have somebody.

All Smith had was a dog.