Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why Not Flats?

It's a curiosity of mine after seeing the most popular shoes ever in a dinosaur movie. The fact that Bryce Dallas Howard had to defend her shoes of all things speaks ill of a dinosaur movie and of running in heels.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Where is the rain of my youth?
Where is the rain of my youth?

When I was young my parents had to stop me from going out and or lecture me about the wisdom of using umbrellas. Rain is bad you’ll get sick, they said, to which I always wondered, why take a bath everyday then? Water is water.

Rain was cool and fun. It cools down the heat of summer. I liked how it felt because I was not allowed to use the shower. Showers are wasteful use the pail, they said. I also liked how the water collects in the streets because I never had a pool. The children I saw playing looked like they were having fun with it. I never had any fun, all dry in my room.

And then some years went by I finally met a flood that changed it all.

It was balls deep and I had to walk 500 meters straight out all water. Before going through with it I thought of the floods as just water and how high could the waters be? Traffic is on a standstill, only this (hopefully?) last remaining body of water blocked me from home. If I suck it up get through it then I’m home before everybody.

Walking half a kilometer in balls deep water is tiring. I’ve walked through swimming pools but pools don’t end up this big. It made me think as I notice surrounding areas and where the water is coming from. When I arrived at home it was the longest bath I have taken before or since.

There are crime movies where the rape victim showers afterwards, rubbing herself red of something that is un-washable – that’s me only without the rape. That night I swore never to walk through floods again.

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By 2009 it didn’t matter what I promised myself, the game had changed. Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) had Metro Manila flooded into a standstill. Areas that were never flooded before were flooded. Walking through one flooded area would no longer be an answer since it now meant walking through many more than was safe.

Ondoy was so sudden there was a point when people blamed the dams; that maybe someone released too much water too late. 

By 2012 and again in 2013 when habagat happened, the finger pointing no longer mattered. Flood levels were no longer a fluke but already had a measure of consistency. Something has changed in how the water flows (or not flowing?) in Metro Manila. Even just a few hours of rain in a day at strategic points like rush hour or during payday would make it all go to hell.

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Now nearing 40, I no longer feel the joy I used to.

Water ceased to be just water. I still shun the umbrella every now and then on short bursts and with rain at a negligible drizzle but it’s not the same. Thinking of laundry and the fact I pay for my own shoes now takes the fun out.

In place of my parents who forced me indoors I now have work that calls me out when it rains and that makes downpours stressful. Can I get to work? Is there work? Do I use my sick leave privileges for this particular day when there would more in a year? If caught in the office the question changes to can I get home? I ask those questions every time.

Now fun of rain is to be in bed - all day. In bed I don’t have to think of anything.

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The roof is leaking...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pit stop in a Bypass Road?

Lead car overtakes the car in front of it and follow car came close behind. Lead car returns to the right lane because there was oncoming traffic, and then suddenly it signals left.  We waited until traffic was clear before we turned left to park at the Bangihan ni Kuya.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Top 2 Quotes from Season 7 Finale - Game of Thrones (HBO)


This season I found it easy to narrow down all the season episodes to a few quotes without googling so perhaps this Nerdist article is true . I had less of a tangled web of stories to wade through; the season was all about fun and ease of travel - impossibly easy.

Both quotes are from the season finale, The Dragon and The Wolf. I feel they speak well of the entire season and can even be a lens with which to see who wins it all.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ayaw Tumabi ng Poste

There's a joke about a drunk who hit an electric post. As expected the drunk never admitted to anything wrong. He didn't fall short of honking and honking, the post just didn't step aside (Ayaw tumabi ng poste).

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Skipping a Minefield of Spoilers

Long ago I thought I can map spoilers out, see them in advance, have my eyes jump over or flick the scroll bar faster to avoid the ‘dangerous’ facebook posts.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Competitive Price

The Lost City of Z


Sounds like a sequel to a Brad Pitt movie but looked more like an Indiana Jones, if Indy was real. The Lost City of Z involves the search of a lost city but with less fun, more public ridicule, long walks and boat rides across vast jungles, and most of all, glory is uncertain.