Monday, January 19, 2015

The Judge

“[My father] loved me tenderly and shyly from a distance, and later on took a naive pride in seeing my name in print.” ― Arthur Koestler

Jarvis said it was refreshing to see a video of Tony Stark in clothing being that there were so many of them in armor.

Felt the same for a while watching The Judge.  It was refreshing to see Tony Stark in another movie. He talks smart; he had fancy clothes, he had swagger.  No doubt Tony Stark or Robert Downey, Jr. can play a great lawyer as required.

It was a slow start. For the first few minutes I thought Iron Man was just too iconic and RDJ’s talents did make him invulnerable to type casting. In any case I did not mind watching a Robert Downey, Jr. movie at all.  I certainly feel the same way with the movies of many a Hollywood A-Lister.

But I spoke too soon.  Nearly a quarter into the movie the supporting cast was getting into the flow. There is a saying the whole is more than the sum of its parts; I found that true for this movie. There was more to see than RDJ and the lead character Hank Palmer, big shot city lawyer.

Robert Duvall leads those other parts to balance against the formidable RDJ.  He plays Joseph Palmer aka the Judge aka Hank’s father.  It must be noted also that Duvall’s efforts for the movie have been rewarded, at this point least, with a nomination for Oscar Best Supporting Actor. 

And Duvall deserves it.

Joseph Palmer went toe to toe with big shot son all throughout the movie. Strict judge, pillar of the community, recently widowed meets after so many years hotshot lawyer son whom he had sentenced earlier on in life.  Tony Stark was no more the moment Hank and Joseph Palmer began slugging it out. 

Pain, pride, and longing; the emotions when those two were going at it was always fluctuating. You never what to feel each time. Their chemistry was perfect that I did eventually think about my own father.  Maybe felt that wannabe tear at the sides of my eye, but I held it together. Promise. 

The rest of the Palmer brood includes Vincent D'Onofrio as Glenn Palmer and Jeremy Strong as Dale Palmer. One had broken dreams and the other mentally challenged. Going back to the father was just the tip of the iceberg.

But the ace in the hole for the movie is definitely Lauren Palmer played by Emma Tremblay. Lauren is Hank Palmer’s daughter. Cute, smart, adorable; I was completely sold saying to myself: Joseph, Hank, you gotta kiss and make up.  You guys can’t make that young girl cry.

Balancing off the depressing situations is Samantha Powell played by Vera Farmiga. She is the love interest who at right moments has the little bit of wisdom, that prospect of love and understanding, and hysterically the awkward situations which Palmer family can never provide.

If I haven’t been obvious enough the legal aspects implied in the title are mere backdrops in the entire movie. The Judge is a movie about family, about a father and his sons.  The pacing was perfect. There were good moments then came the bad moments.  After each downs more aspects of the family was revealed until finally as families ought to do, they rise and fix themselves until the circle of life is complete.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and no part of the movie will you find Tony Stark. And that is saying something.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Person of Interest

Reading the news makes one think that the Orwellian Big Brother is already a reality. Abroad, the all-seeing eye of the National Security Agency is an issue among Americans and allied nations, meanwhile in local news the Philippines, always a copycat for hot items abroad, wants an all-seeing eye of its own.

I didn’t give Person of Interest a second glance when I first saw it.  Jim Caviezel never attracted my attention even when he was Jesus Christ and Michael Emerson was a weird match for him as a partner.  The series had technology and some kind of surveillance going on in the mix but as a magic formula, it didn't pop out. What crime fighting series doesn't have surveillance? Cops do surveillance.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Can the Avengers survive?

Can all the ego; all the differences in personalities and skills, inherent in a large group of people, a team, be properly addressed in a forced ranking system such as the Performance Based Incentive System?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Be Sad, Be Angry

Sa bawat estudyanteng mulat sa mga napapanahong isyu sa lipunan, at sa halip na magreklamo lang sa Facebook ay nagmumungkahi ng solusyon: SONA mo ito.” – President Benigno S. Aquino III, SONA 2013

Be sad to see that a President of a country is so bothered by students that he recited a small paragraph in the 2013 State of the Nation Address just for them.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

World War Z

Movie gross notwithstanding Z trumped S. S of course refers to Man of Steel which came a week before WorldWar Z

In writing this I had second thoughts about comparing a superhero story and a zombie apocalypse story.  Should I?   I couldn't help it in the end after feeling pleasantly surprised at how World War Z turned up.  The story didn't leave an empty feeling in the mouth, walking corpse or whatever notwithstanding.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Magic 76

According to survey there is a magic 76 percent who have found their calling. 

These employees as the Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development (CORD) defines it see, “work as an endeavor one engages in for the satisfaction of doing it, a lofty, nonmaterial goal or a sense of self, and feels highly energizing and fulfilling.”  

Where's the Water Gonna Go?

Echage St. Manila

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Saved by Jobless Growth

Since 2010 the Department of Budget and Management has lost: An Assistant Secretary to resignation. An operations director to the Office of the President.

Another Two operations director to resignation.  They are now consultants somewhere else. Another operations director to, I am not sure, optional retirement or resignation.  

Is there a really difference, either way they are no longer with the Department.